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Artists 19320 Logo

Working under the direction of Joel Avery, principal for C R E A T i V E N E S S, I led the design team through conceptualization, development, client review, and final production of this corporate logo. I was in direct communication with the client, and walked them through every step of the design process. Once the finished mark was ready for delivery, I created and produced a graphic standards manual which includes a table of contents, color breakdown, font family explanation, and file catalog list.

The concept revolves around a landmark railroad bridge located in the center of Coatesville, Pa - which is the city for which the zipcode 19320 refers. We wanted to create direct correlation between the company brandmark and a known historic entity from the community.

catagory:   corporate branding and production
specimen:   logo

*designed and produced in collaboration with  C R E A T i V E N E S S